What is High Sea Sale?

If a buyer wants to sell his consignment to a third party before arrival of goods but after sailing vessel from load port, such sale is known as high sea sale. In simple words, the ownership of goods is transferred, when goods are on transit.

Imports means any goods moved in to a country from foreign country.

8 Major Documents required for import clearance under high sea sale

1. High Sea Sale Agreement

A High Sea Sale Agreement entered between high sea buyer and high sea seller before arriving cargo at territorial jurisdiction of importing country. Means, the high sea sale agreement must be dated before arrival of goods at a territorial border of an importing country.

2. High Sea Sale Invoice

High Sea Sale invoice is another document required for import customs clearance procedures under High Sea Sale business. Such commercial invoice under high sea sale must be in local currency of importing country, and not in foreign currency. The details of goods sold with rate and total invoice value is mentioned in such commercial invoice under High Sea Sale.

3. Consignee Copy of Bill of Lading

A consignee copy of Bill of Lading has to be enclosed along with other importing documents under High Sea Sale. As bill of lading is a document of Title, such bill of lading copy has to be endorsed in favor of high sea buyer by transferring title of goods to him.(B/L- 3 original)

4. Import Invoice

The import invoice issued by first seller to first buyer is needed as one of the requirements of documents under High Sea Sale. Kindly note, this import invoice must be endorsed by high sea seller in favor of high sea buyer.

5. Import Packing List

Import packing list is the packing list originally issued by first seller. Such packing list needs to be endorsed by high sea seller in favor of High Sea buyer.

6. Certificate of Origin

7. Phytosanitary Certificate

8. Fumigation Certificate